Dream Big! 🌎

Cannabis With  Purpose 🪽

Have you ever dreamed of a world that looked a little more like heaven? A place where we always put love first? 

Not to be cliche, but yes just like that cult-classic hit song! Not what today’s culture try’s to pass as love, but a truly authentic love that burns with the fire of the Holy Spirit - a Christlike love for each other.

God’s Vision 🌳

We can all discover our life’s purpose by taking the time to dream, reflect, and intentionally develop our God given gifts and talents.

Only then can we have an unexplainable unshaken trust in God, knowing that He is faithful to fulfill His promises & He is leading us to our destiny!

God-Sized Dreams 💭

We see men and women likes trees! Very much like plants we all need the proper environment and conditions to grow up and become everything God created us to be.

Everyone in this world needs to know they are not alone! Our dream is to create safe spaces in our communities where all people will be loved and embraced.

Visualize yourself being part of a community that is grounded in faith, hope, and love - a ‘higher’ love so that together we can all rise above.

Higher Love ❤️‍🔥

Boots are on the ground in five key states nationwide, we are ready to answer the call to shine a light in our world that seems to have become a much darker place. 

We believe that teamwork really does make the dream work! Just like the age-old African proverb says - “One Tree Does Not Make A Forest”. 

Let’s Grow! 🌱

All we are missing now is you! Are you ready to answer the call and join us? Help us to answer God’s call to Heal the sick, feed the hungry, and to care for the weakest among us.

Be a lighthouse of hope for those among us that are walking through dark valleys just trying their best to navigate through troubled waters.

Help us to bring an Entourage Church Campus & Shaman Dreams Wellness Community Outreach & Provisioning Center to our brothers and sisters in need nationwide.

Join The Mission! Visit Our West Michigan Online Church eCampus

What’s Your Dream?