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Cannabis With Purpose

A Mission From God

Have you ever dreamed of a world that looked a little more like heaven? A place where we always put love first? Not to be cliche, but yes just like that hit song from the 80’S!

We know that everyone’s life has purpose and meaning. Our life’s purpose can be revealed to us by discovering and developing our God given gifts and talents. When we’re aware of the blessings God’s give us, we can put our faith and trust in God to lead us to our destiny.

Its our dream to create safe places in our communities where all people will be embraced and surrounded by a community grounded in love, truth and faith. A place where everyone’s invited to the table - where all people can find hope, family, community and support!


Love Your Neighbor

We want everyone in the world to know they are not alone. We see men and women likes trees, and much like trees we all need the proper environment and conditions to grow and become everything we were destined to be. We know that one tree does not make a forest and that community and collaboration is essential to us surviving and thriving in this world.

With boots on the ground in five key states nationwide, we are ready to answer the call to shine a light in our world that seems to have become a darker place. All we are missing now is you. Are you ready to join us in answering a higher calling for a higher love?

Join our mission to answer God’s call to heal the sick & to love and care for all people especially the poor and needy. Gods word says “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” - We live by this golden rule, love God with all your heart & love your neighbor as yourself!

House Of Miracles

You can put your faith in motion by helping us and your neighbors by investing in the development of a Shaman Dreams Wellness Community Center. Our brothers and sisters and their communities alike need a hand up! 

We will empower our communities to thrive by bringing people closer to God and each other by making sure everyone has a seat at the table. Our community centers will be a place where all people can find refuge and assistance in facing the challenges life brings.

By giving our neighbors someone to lean on so to speak, we will help lighten their load and help them discover their gifts and talents through free and low cost services such as counseling, free education, scholarships, business accelerators & cohorts, networking opportunities, community events & activities and so much more!

Crowdfunding Investment 

Our companies cultivation, processing, distribution, delivery and retail operations will donate resources and funds to further help empower the people of the communities with resources, goods & services, financial provisions, supplemental food assistance, healing, housing, hope, socioeconomic growth and development.

To invest in our communities contact us below or look for our fundraising campaign on MainVest - Coming Soon!

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