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Fidel Gastro

Fidel Gastro

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Fidel Gastro is a uplifting hybrid cross of Original Diesel & Cuban Black Haze. This highly sought after strain is a cult classic for East Coast smokers. Some  call her the Piff or Uptown Haze others like to call her Frankie, but our favorite name is Church! This strain will have you praying and feeling closer to God! 

She features a sharp churchy incense & cat piss scent with a soaring haze high that has no ceiling, bordering on hallucinogenic when taken in high doses. Cuban Black Haze is what made Haze a household name in NYC and the tristate area.

This staple strain easily commanded over $500 an ounce in the early 2000s. This is one of the most sought-after sativa cultivars in the nation! 

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