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Mendo Punch Breath

Mendo Punch Breath

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Punch Breath is a hybrid marijuana strain, a cross between Mendo Breathand Purple Punch. The result is a pungent, tangy and earthy smelling strain that tastes like sweet berriesswirled inside of cookie dough. Hello! After dinner indulgence, anyone? Smokers love Punch Breath because a strong head high and body high come at you almost immediately. Like the name suggests, you get "punched" by its strong effects. The high is relaxing, uplifting, tingly and blissed out. Punch Breath is a pretty cannabis flower, light green, lots of hairs spanning red, orange and purple, and absolutely frosty with trichomes. THC is in the super-potent range, hovering around 20%. This strain is not for low tolerance or beginner smokers. Do not choose Punch Breath for your inexperienced canna-curious friend!

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